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Please read the policies under the Etiquette page.

Submit your request or question, and I will reply back ASAP to confirm your appointment.

For appointment requests same-day or within 4 hours, please text me at (408) 657-7695 (RNWL). Thank you!

Schedule Update - May 23, 2022.

I have resumed massage services, implementing safety protocols during COVID.

I will be OFF from May to end-July due to a special project.  After July, 2022, feel free to make an appointment request to check if I am available.

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Text/Phone: (408) 657-7695 (RNWL)

Please EMAIL or TEXT me or submit the form on this page to request an appointment or to ask a question.

I will reply ASAP to confirm your appointment.

If I do not reply immediately, I am probably in a session, but will promptly reply back to you.

Sorry, I don't answer PHONE CALLS anymore, unless I'm expecting your call specifically (from text/email). 99% of incoming calls are from telemarketers now...

Thank you!