The Sensual Paradise Massage

Introducing our latest service, the Sensual Paradise Massage.

Indulge yourself in our most exotic service and surrender your entire body to a full-body sensual experience you will definitely remember for a very long time.

This massage will envelop your entire body head to toe, and immerse almost every inch in-between, utilizing aromas, sounds, textures, to tantalize all your senses. Advance techniques to promote relaxation and tension release are applied to soothe and transport your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual to a paradise unlike any other experience.

This comprehensive massage includes areas commonly skipped by other spas and therapists - chest (pectorals), abdomen, adductors (inner thigh), and buttocks (gluteals) - as these areas are frequently over-stressed and bring tremendous tension relief and gratification when nurtured by gentle yet stimulating touch.

This massage also utilizes very advanced draping techniques, which most day spas dare not try, to provide maximum access to your entire body for this sensual experience.

The Sensual Paradise Massage is one of our most popular services requested by both men and women is recommended for experienced massage connoisseurs and not for shy or timid clients for their very first massage.  This massage is also only provided by select therapists from Silicon Valley Body Renewal.

Special Pricing for the Sensual Paradise Massage

60 min $200

90 min $260

120 min $320

Note - Like all other services, the Sensual Paradise Massage is a non-sexual service where genitals and female breasts/nipples remain covered and untouched during the session.  Even so, many clients have described reaching their own paradise from this session.

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